What is a foreign trade zone

What is a Foreign Trade Zone?

A Foreign Trade Zone is located outside the Customs territory of the United States, often a warehouse or factory. Since it is not in the Commerce of the United States, many benefits are created for importers, exporters, manufacturers, and distributors who source foreign goods, components and raw materials. 

The benefits include but are not limited to duty deferral, duty elimination, duty reduction, and weekly entry benefits. Furthermore, importers and exporters have the ability to manipulate and manufacture goods without entering commerce or payment of duties. Additional advantages include tax deferral and elimination, quota avoidance, NAFTA qualification, among many other benefits.

For many companies, Foreign Trade Zones are the best defense against rising tariffs. As a master navigator in the world of using FTZ’s to reduce costs, Tri-Link has helped companies save millions by utilizing Foreign Trade Zones for the past thirty years. 

Tri-Link’s Consulting Services include solving international trade problems, overcoming barriers to trade, educating the international trade community regarding Foreign-Trade Zones and expediting international cargo through the U.S. ports of entry for importation and exportation.

With an international trade consultant and corporate Custom House Broker on your team, Tri-Link is able to provide a unique blend of international trade related services to importers, exporters, manufactures, distributors, public utilities, and local government, focusing on Customs & Border Protection issues and the use of Foreign-Trade Zones.

Published on September 13, 2019