FTZ Subzones Offer All the Benefits,

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What is a Foreign Trade Subzone


As a Foreign Trade Zone Grantee and General-Purpose Operator (GPO), Tri-Link is authorized to establish a subzone on private premises if certain conditions are met and approved by the local Port Authority. Our 30 years of experience and consulting services enable us to quickly access the potential for success and take the necessary steps to make it so, if feasible.

FTZ Feasibility Questionnaire

A Subzone is a single firm site designated for a special purpose, typically manufacturing, under Zone procedures. A Zone Grantee (Tri-Link) may apply for Subzone status on behalf of a firm when the operations of the firm cannot be accommodated within the existing General-Purpose Zone.

FTZ Subzone benefits

  • Store your in-bond goods free of duty or excise taxes
  • Export transiting goods free of duty and excise taxes
  • Store goods as long as you wish (bonded warehouses allow just one year of storage)
  • Duty and excise taxes are paid ONLY when merchandise leaves the FTZ for consumption
  • Heightened security requirements provide maximum protection against theft
  • Goods entered into an FTZ for labeling, repacking, manipulation, or to be combined with other products (domestic or in-bond), can then be imported and/or exported to other countries
  • Items in an FTZ can be mixed with other items, relabeled, and then exported to other countries with no need for a Customhouse Broker or the payment of duty or taxes

A winning application is key to FTZ Subzone success

The application must demonstrate that a significant public benefit will result from the use of Zone procedures by the firm on whose behalf the proposed Subzone is established.

Put Tri-Link’s 30 years of successful FTZ operations on your side

Tri-Link is a Foreign Trade Zone General Purpose Operator (GPO) who is authorized to accommodate all manner of goods moving in and out of the United States, enjoys a long-standing relationship with the Port of Long Beach and operates warehouses in Los Angeles, Miami and New York.

What is required to have your Subzone status accepted?

The Foreign Trade Zones Board evaluates the Subzone application based on the net economic benefit to the U.S. economy. Approval of Subzone status has little to do with real estate. Subzone status and the specific benefits granted are dependent upon the specific operations to be conducted under Zone status. The applicant must demonstrate that the proposed use of Zone procedures is in the public interest; that is, that Subzone status for the firm will result in a significant economic benefit for the U.S. economy. "ABC Company will save money," does not meet this test.

How are FTZ Subzones used?


FTZ’s are used, for example, in the re-labeling of goods arriving from one country before they are exported to another country… with no payment of duties or need for drawback.

Goods can be stored in an FTZ indefinitely and withdrawn in whole or in part as needed. No duties or excise taxes are paid on goods while they are stored in an FTZ. No Customhouse Broker is required to enter goods into an FTZ. If you are importing goods into the USA or transiting goods through the USA, then using a Foreign Trade Zone will most likely be of benefit to you.

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