Deferring Harbor Maintenance Fees

Tri-Link’s consulting services include solving international trade problems, overcoming barriers to trade, educating the international trade community regarding Foreign Trade Zones and expediting international cargo through the U.S. ports of entry for importation and exportation.

With an international trade consultant and corporate Custom House Broker on your team, Tri-Link provides a unique blend of international trade-related services to importers, exporters, manufacturers, distributors, public utilities, and local government, focusing on Customs & Border Protection issues and the use of Foreign-Trade Zones.

One of the services we provide is assisting clients in deferring Harbor Maintenance Fees (HMF). These fees can be deferred on a quarterly basis, which can be an essential cashflow benefit. Instead of paying at the time of entry clients pay the fee every three months at a rate of 0.125% of the value with no cap. Since it is not filed at the time of entry it is filed under CF349.

It is strategies like these that make clients reach out to Tri-Link for help and expertise in the import/export trade. Our experience also includes all aspects of warehousing and transportation such as air, ocean, rail and truck carriers. 

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Published on October 9, 2019