How to Fastrack
Your FTZ Solution

The Traditional Site Framework (TSF) is outmoded, slow and cumbersome. It can take 12 – 18 months and cost a lot. For this reason, Tri-Link has adopted the ASF model for subzone FTZs which take far less time and money.

Here is how Tri-Link can quicken your FTZ solution


The "alternative site framework" (ASF) is an optional framework for organizing and designating sites that allows zones to use quicker and less complex procedures to obtain FTZ designation for eligible facilities. To reorganize under the ASF, each zone grantee will propose a "service area". Once approved by the FTZ Board, a subzone or usage-driven site can be designated anywhere in the service area within 30-days using a simple application form. The ASF allows zone designation to be brought to any company that needs it, eliminating the need for zone grantees to predict where the zone will be needed and pre-designate sites.