Tri-Link Helps Reduce Tariffs
Three Ways with FTZs

For many companies, Foreign Trade Zones are the best defense against rising tariffs. As a master navigator in the world of using FTZ’s to reduce costs, Tri-Link has helped companies save millions by utilizing Foreign Trade Zones for the past thirty years. FTZ may not be the answer or even possible in all cases. However, here are the three ways we can help.

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Tri-Link Operates FTZs in 3 major markets.

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We offer 3PL Transport & Logistics Solutions

As a 3rd Party Logistics (3PL), Tri-Link provides value-added services to decrease costs & risks and increase volume & service. As a fully licensed and bonded 3PL (third party logistics) company, Tri-Link provides containerization services, warehousing, storage, re-labeling, 3PL fulfillment, and the entire range of cargo services.

  1. We are a public warehouse, licensed to accept any and all merchandise, bonded and domestic.
  2. We do not restrict our business to any specific market, types of goods, or corporation.
  3. Your goods do not have to be moving through a specific port to use our FTZ.
  4. Tri-Link FTZ is open to all types of goods no matter their origin, destination, or mode of transport.
  5. Customs duty is deferred until merchandise is imported from a Foreign Trade Zone into the United States. Monies will not be tied up in Customs duties while goods are in an FTZ.

Transport & Logistics Solutions include:

  • Traffic Management
  • Truckload Transportation
  • Expedited Transportation
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Domestic Air Freight
  • International Air Freight
  • Ocean Freight
  • Consolidation
  • Warehousing
  • Inventory Visibility
  • Claims Management
  • Customer Service